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Garut, August 2013
Dear, Personnel Manager TRANS TV

My name is Kipan Mulyana, I am 22 years old, Male. I am graduated of Communication Sciences Faculty University of Garut ( UNIGA ) with majoring Public Relations ( S1 )  in Garut  with GPA 3,63. I am interested in joining with your company to be one of your Public Relations considering with my qualification above, for further details I also enclose my curriculume vitae of my self.
I am considering as energetic person, honest, hard working, discipline, good personality traits, strong motivated and have strong educational background not only in formal education but also informal education as well.
Would you please give me an opportunity to meet you to interview into my qualification and join your company so that you can reach me at the address above or please contact me into my mobile number 0898-675-2354, 0852-2210-8638 or into my e-mail or
Thank you for your considering

Best Regards,

Kipan Mulyana

Appendix : Resume

Highway Cikajang Kab.Garut
West Java Province
Telephone 0898-675-2354, 0852-2210-8638.

Professional Purpose              : Public Relations
Name of University                 : University of Garut, Garut City, West Java Province
Faculty                                     : Communication Sciences
Majoring                                 : Public Relations
Grade Point Average ( GPA)   : 3,63

Graduate                                 : 2013

Campus                                   :  
1. To be Public Relations of Event Campus “ Colour Full in February “ 2010
2. To be Public Relations of Event Campus “ Fikom Beraksi, Srikandi Berkreasi,  
Gapai Prestasi “ 2010.
3. The Chief BEM FIKOM UNIGA period 2010-2011.
4. The Chief Executive of Charity Care Merapi Jogjakarta 2011.
5. The Chief Executive of Workshop Movie Kab.Garut at 2011.
6. Responsible Person of OSPEK FIKOM  2011.
7. Responsible Person of  Seminar HIV-AIDS and Parade Music 2011.
8. The Chief Executive of Charity Care UNIGA 2012.
9. The Documentation of OPEN HOUSE FIKOM UNIGA 2013.
10. The Chief Executive of Katini Day with Chocodot 2013.
11. The Cameraman of Event Graduated of Uniga 2013.
COMMUNITY                          :
1. The Member of Madridista Garut.
2. Marketing Of Bale Photography Garut.
3. The Documentation of Event “ Garut 2 Abad with Kadin” 2013.
4. The Seconde Winner of Event Photography Contest Chocodot 2013.
Skills                            :  Photography, Computer  ( Ms.Office, Photoshop, Adobe
    Premiere Pro ) , Protokoler , News Writing, Drawing.
Hobby  and Interest     : I like Communication, Marketing, Organization, Public
   Relations, Event Organizing and Reserch as well.

1. Participant of Entering New Wave And Problem Solving Broadband Garut.
2. Participant of Garut Digital Imaging And Photography Workshop with John
Tefon Garut.
3. Participant of National Lecture Series-Modul Kewirausahaan Mandiri Bandung.
4. Participant of “ Gerakan Kewirausahaan “ Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta.
5. Participant of “ Seminar Refleksi, Orientasi, Visi dan Aksi Garut 2 Abad “.

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